PEC – Plasma ElectroCoagulation

PEC – Plasma ElectroCoagulation
ElectroCoagulation – Basic Process
Plasma – Fourth State of Matter
Plasma – Water Treatment

Plasma EC – A Breakthrough

Plasma EC – In Action
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Self-Cleaning Pre-Filter 🡪 Plasma EC 🡪 Polishing UltraFilter

Plasma EC – The System

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Encotech is a recognized leader in Cutting Edge Technology in the Environmental Filtration Solutions Industry

Encotech, founded in 1976, has been a Pioneer in Filtration Technologies for almost 50 years.
Encotech has Patented Technology that sets us apart in the Environmental Remediation Industry.
Our vision from the start was designing, manufacturing, installing, and assisting in the startup of pollution abatement solutions, with a focus on activated carbon, related technologies.
Encotech’s Unwavering passion for cutting edge innovation has led us to develop Groundbreaking Technology
Plasma Electrocoagulation (US Patented)
Advanced Cross Flow Microfiltration Integration (US Patented)
Stay Tuned…..More Patented Technology in process!

Tequatic PLUS Pre-filter 🡪 Plasma EC 🡪 LiquiFlux UltraFilter

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Advanced Cross Flow Filtration The Encotech Pantented Integration Process

Maintaining a regulated pressure differential across the screen and creating a condition where particles prefer to flow past the screen rather than through it – resulting in even cleaner filtrate.

An advanced filtration system that utilizes a pair of set points, one being flow rate and the other pressure differential, to achieve a high-capacity filtration rate with greatly reduced filtration system fouling.

Helps prevent irreversible fouling causing a significant drop in particulate filtering and damage to the membrane.

Longer Run Time, significantly less fouling of the filter membrane, reduced maintenance, and personnel costs.

The Encotech patented integration includes a highly efficient Automated process for cleaning.

Often allows for a much smaller footprint than traditional Activated Carbon Tanks.


EEFS Series Large Particle Filtration

Encotech’s EFS Series of Large Particle Filtration systems are is designed to process a wide range of difficult-to-treat feed waters. It is an ideal alternative to traditional filtration systems, with lower operating costs, greater ease of operation and maintenance, and fully automated system controls. By using an interior brush assembly powered by an exterior motor, our filtration systems consistently tolerate high and highly variable Total Suspended Solids (TSS), up to 10,000 mg/l Water recovery is typically >99%, minimizing disposal volumes.

Encotech’s Spiral Filter Unit’s combine Crossflow filter technology with Encotech’s advanced controls and operation strategy. The Units operate automatically, with a Programmable Logic Controller monitoring flow rates, pressure, and system outputs, ensuring ease of use and optimal system run time. Each unit is capable of filtering particle size 1cm3 down to 10

This is an automatic self-cleaning filter designed to remove Ultra High and Variable Total Suspended Solids (TSS) from a fluid stream. Each unit contains a motor driven, spiral shaped brush that continuously cleans collected debris from inside the filter element.

These are designed for high TSS /BOD removal with the ability to handle high TSS loading of over 500 ppm and process bulk solids removal up to 15,000mg/l TSS (15% by volume), while providing continuous flow while providing continuous 15-to-1500-micron filtration. The purge technology concentrates solids to reduce waste or in some cases, for potential resale.

Plasma ElectroCoagulation (PEC)

Mobile Treatment Systems

Encotech and CSEC offer mobile remediation systems for use in a variety of environmental treatment system applications:
Options include:

High Pressure Equipment

Low Pressure Equipment

Temporary Treatment Systems

Fleet of Rental Equipment

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