Carbon Service and Equipment Company, (CSEC) is a division of Encotech Inc., created as a separate but integrated organization that offers a complete line of activated carbon treatment and filtration systems, and activated carbon products for process, water, wastewater, groundwater remediation, and vapor phase abatement applications. CSEC’s equipment and systems are available for purchase or lease and includes standardized equipment or custom-designed technology to meet specific requirements. CSEC also provides systems for turn-key projects from isotherm and validation studies to engineering, manufacturing, shipping, installation, start-up and operation, and maintenance, all focused specifically around activated carbon.


As part of providing a complete service to our customers, CSEC maintains inventories of virgin and reactivated carbon, and on-site non-hazardous and hazardous spent carbon change-out services with our fleet of vacuum-equipped service trucks, stand-alone portable vacuum systems, and bulk changeout vehicles. We return the spent activated carbon to reactivation facilities, where contaminants are thermally destructed in high temperature kilns, eliminating potential environmental liabilities for our customers.


In addition, CSEC also provides spent media change-out services for the municipal drinking water market. CSEC has the experience to coordinate and perform these change-outs from start to finish, including filtration media supply and delivery, on-site labor to perform the changeout services, and spent media disposal and reactivation. Using CSEC’s customized change-out equipment, our technicians remove and reinstall the spent activated carbon, along with other medias including resins, sand, garnet, anthracite, and gravel in the municipal water treatment market all over the USA.