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Recovery and Recycle Technology

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Free and Emulsified Oil Recovery

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Total Hydrocarbon Polishing and Recovery

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WHAT Recovery and Recycle Means

Unpredictable and unstable petroleum prices dictate that producers identify and implement water management strategies to reduce costs and even generate revenues. Encotech’s Recycle and Recovery technologies combine complimentary unit processes to eliminate solids, capture oils, and recover hydrocarbons.
Produced water is cleaned to high quality for recycle back into the production process or for inexpensive disposal, all while collecting product that would have otherwise been discarded.

HOW Recovery and Recycle Technology Works

WHY Recovery and Recycle Technology Matters

With millions of gallons of water used and produced throughout the life of a petroleum well, water management represents a large cost to producers. Some regions lack water sources for the well development processes, while others lack easy, cost- effective disposal options.
By combining technologies and using our extensive equipment integration know-how, Encotech is able to transform an operating cost into a profit source.
Capital investments show returns in two years or less, and since water costs tend to be fixed, Recovery and Recycle is sound practice regardless of the state of the markets.

Encotech’s Produced Water Recovery and Recycle Technology is modular and mobile, with easy deployment and low operations costs. Contact us for more information.