Encotech was established in 1976 with the vision of designing, manufacturing, installing, and assisting in the startup of pollution abatement equipment, with a focus on activated carbon and related technologies. The company was later officially incorporated in 1985 as a stand-alone entity, and the corporation has grown from providing activated carbon products, systems, and spent media change-out services into an organization that offers a wide range of turn-key environmental remediation and process application systems and solutions, using various unit processes such as activated carbon, filtration, pH adjustment, disinfection, chemical addition including coagulation and precipitation, oil/water separation, soil vapor extraction, heavy metals removal, air stripping, catalytic reactors, air, oxygen and ozone sparge, plasma electro-coagulation, and ion exchange, and many more.

With our in-house manufacturing capabilities, Encotech can provide any combination of processes in fully integrated systems that are prefabricated for ease of on-site installation. Additionally, with our experience in process automation, our customers are given the option of fully hands-off operation with Programmable Logic Controllers, off-site monitoring and telemetry, and control logic design capabilities.

Over the past few years, Encotech has used our environmental remediation technology experience to expand into the oil and gas market, focusing on produced water recycling, treatment for disposal, and commodities recovery from hydraulic fracturing and produced water treatment. With extensive experience in filtration, hydrocarbon recovery, remediation and cutting-edge electro-chemical water treatment technologies, our oil and gas division continues to grow throughout North America. Our customer base includes saltwater disposal well operators, large oil producers, pipeline operators, and oilfield service companies, with reach into the upstream (production), midstream (transport), and downstream (refining) markets. We boast hundreds of systems and projects sites to date, and we are expanding our technology portfolio to provide the turn-key solutions to this market that Encotech is known for.