Since 1976, hundreds of industries and municipalities have trusted our family of companies for quality environmental remediation and treatment equipment and services.


Encotech offers a wide range of turn-key environmental remediation and process application systems and solutions. With our in-house manufacturing capabilities, Encotech can provide fully integrated systems ready for onsite “plug and play” installation.

Carbon Service & Equipment Company (CSEC)

CSECCarbon Service and Equipment Company (CSEC) was developed as a division of Encotech to maintain and develop our core competency in activated carbon, equipment, and services. We have generated a loyal customer base in the highly competitive carbon service market through the execution of our cost-effective “service runs,” using trained technicians that have the years of expertise need to make change-out services fast and trouble-free.


EEC USAEEC USA is the North American licensee of EEC Global’s advanced MBBR technology, providing industrial and domestic water and wastewater treatment technology. As a pioneer of fluidized fix-film biological wastewater treatment process, also known as Moving Bed BioReactors (MBBR), EEC has field-proven results and an impressive resume of successful installations.