Packaged Bioremediation Plants

Encotech manufactures High Speed Bio-reactors for sanitary and industrial wastewater treatment projects. Our bio-reactors are modular biological treatment systems that are suitable for a wide range of treatment applications in a compact unit. Combining biological treatment and clarification, our systems remove organic contaminants and suspended solids; ammonia and nutrient removal are available in standard packaged plants as well.

Encotech delivers bio-reactor systems ready to operate, requiring only influent, effluent, and power connections for full system startup at the project site.

These systems are designed to fit in standard ISO shipping containers, with dimensions of 8′ tall, 7’4″ wide, and lengths from 10′ to 39′. Designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, they can also be self-contained and even stored permanently in their original shipping container. Unit capacities range from 8,000 to 93,000 gallons per day, and are easily increased up to 350,000 gallons per day through the systems’ modular design.

With a footprint that is 1/5 the size of traditional bio-treatment systems, our High Speed Bio-reactors provide a combination of immobilized biomass and activated sludge technologies through the use of AMB bio-media. AMB bio-media has a surface area equal to 550 square meters for every 1 cubic meter of bio-media, and allows the growth of a stable bio-mass in a moving bed system.

The moving bio-media is continuously mixed in two aerated bio-reactor chambers, and provides available surface area for the growth of a fixed bio-film. This active environment allows for a high concentration of biomass without the characteristic die-off of activated sludge systems, increasing process efficiencies and decreasing contact time.

Wastewater flows by gravity through the two bio-reactor chambers, and into a clarification chamber where suspended solids settle out. The system is equipped with a tube settler system which provides the final clarification of the treated water. Chemical addition and coagulation is also available in this chamber to decrease clarification time.

Our High Speed Bio-reactors are built with automated sludge separation and recirculation systems. These systems gather mixed liquor from the clarification chamber for return to the first bio-reactor chamber. Before it is returned to the first chamber, however, it is passed through a solids-separation system where aged sludge is removed from the system and discharged to a storage tank. By recycling sludge and solids back through the system, our bio-reactors are able to equalize low and high flow conditions, maintain the health of the bio-mass, and reduce the total volume of generated bio-solids.